Tech Tips: Student's t Distribution

Calculating Heights of Points on the Graph of the t-Distribution Function

To calculate the height at $x$ of the graph of the t-Distribution function (centered at 0) with $df$ degrees of freedom,

Calculating t-Distribution Probabilities

To calculate the area to the left of some $x$ and under a curve corresponding to a $t$-distribution with $df$ degrees of freedom,

Inverse Calculations with the t-Distribution

To find the cut-off $x$-value for which a random variable following a $t$-distribution with $df$ degrees of freedom will produce an outcome less than $x$ with some given probability of $p$ (or, said another way, to find the $x$ value where there is an area of $p$ to the left of $x$ and under the related $t$-distribution curve) ...

Generating Random, t-distributed Data

To generate $n$ values randomly selected from a $t$-distribution with $df$ degrees of freedom,